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The Force between Molecules

Its nature has long been a mystery. Physicists In the U.S.S.R. have now succeeded both in measuring the intermolecular force and in demonstrating that it is purely electromagnetic In origin...

By Boris V. Derjaguin

The Zodiacal Light

On a clear, dark night in the tropics a luminous pyramid is seen in the sky after sunset and before sunrise. The phenomenon seems to be caused by the scattering of sunlight by interplanetary dust...

By D. E. Blackwell

Metal "Whiskers"

They are tiny filamentary crystals that grow from the surfaces of metals (as well as other crystalline solids). Their unusual properties are aiding investigators in many areas of research...

By S. S. Brenner

The Mediterranean Project

The seat of Western civilization for 6,000 years, the Mediterranean is now an "underdeveloped" area. The 15 nations of the region have joined with FAO in a plan to double their food output by 1980...

By Egon Glesinger

The Biology of Heavy Water

What happens to experimental organisms that have been raised on water in which the hydrogen is not the common isotope of mass one but the heavy isotope of mass two?

By Joseph J. Katz

The Buoyancy of Marine Animals

The ability of the creatures of the sea to float is usually taken for granted, but to keep from sinking they must either keep swimming or be equipped with special flotation devices

By Eric Denton

Prehistoric Man in Mammoth Cave

Some 2,000 years ago Indians went deep into the great cavern in Kentucky to mine gypsum, leaving behind them many traces of a society that was just beginning to develop agriculture

By Douglas W. Schwartz

Things that go Faster than Light

Contrary to common opinion, certain physical phenomena move faster than c (the speed of light in a vacuum). This speed is a maximum, however, for the transmission of messages, or of mass and energy...

By Milton A. Rothman


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