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The Eradication of the Screw-Worm Fly

This destructive parasite of livestock has been eliminated from the southeastern states by releasing large numbers of male flies that have been sterilized by ionizing radiation

By Edward F. Knipling

A Forgotten Civilization of the Persian Gulf

On the island of Bahrain lie the grave mounds and buried cities of a culture contemporary with those of Sumer and ancient India. Recent excavations indicate that it was a link between the two...

By P. V. Glob and T. G. Bibby

Optical Pumping

In this new technique of experimental physics light is used to "pump" electrons to higher energy-levels. The method is employed to study the interaction of atoms and radio waves

By Arnold L. Bloom

The Rift in the Ocean Floor

The discovery of a world-wide undersea mountain range that has a deep fissure down its center has suggested to some geologists that the earth may be slowly expanding rather than contracting...

By Bruce C. Heezen

Electric Fishes

The electric eel is only one of a number of fishes that are capable of generating a respectable electric current. These fishes variously use their electricity for purposes of attack, defense and navigation...

By Harry Grundfest

High-Speed Impact

What happens when a projectile strikes a target at extremely high velocity? Experiments indicate that impact at speeds greater than about 8,000. feet per second causes metals to flow like liquids...

By A. C. Charters

The Physics of Wood Winds

For centuries craftsmen have fashioned these instruments by trial and error and rules of thumb. The principles that underlie these empirical methods are now being studied by the modern physicist...

By Arthur H. Benade

Count Rumford

Born Benjamin Thompson in Woburn, Mass., he was both a brilliant investigator and an unscrupulous careerist. He demonstrated that heat is not a substance called "caloric" but is a mode of motion...

By Mitchell Wilson


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