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The Economic Effects of Disarmament

The technique of "input-output" analysis is here adapted to facilitate forecasting the effect on sales and jobs of the reallocation of the funds now expended for military purposes...

By Wassily W. Leontief and Marvin Hoffenberg

The Parathyroid Hormone

A protein hormone that proved difficult to isolate, it acts upon bones, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract to regulate the level of calcium in the internal environment of the body

By Howard Rasmussen

The Size of the Solar System

Telescopic methods leave an uncertainty of as much as 170,000 miles in the earth-sun distance. Space vehicles such as Pioneer V and the Soviet probe now headed toward Venus can help to cut the uncertainty...

By James B. McGuire, Eugene R. Spangler and Lem Wong

Blood-Vessel Surgery

Techniques developed largely during the past decade make it possible to repair the damage caused by several forms of cardiovascular disease and restore normal circulation

By Leonard Engel and Michael E. De Bakey

The Cromwell Current

This thin ribbon of water flows east along the Equator just beneath the surface of the Pacific. Discovered only recently, it ranks as one of the greatest ocean currents

By John A. Knauss


The word means "drinking by cells." Actually it is the term for a complex process whereby a cell can take in nutrients and other substances to which the cell membrane seems impermeable

By Ronald C. Rustad

Ultrahigh-Speed Rotation

Centrifuges have now been made that can spin a tiny rotor 1.5 million revolutions per second. The evolution of these machines has provided instruments for a variety of scientific and technological applications...

By Jesse W. Beams

The Ecology of Fire

Fire has played a major role in shaping the world's grasslands and forests. Attempts to eliminate it have introduced problems fully as serious as those created by accidental conflagrations...

By Charles F. Cooper


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