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The Census of 1960

Detailed figures from the decennial head count show the population is concentrated more than ever in metropolitan areas. Families are larger, households smaller and the people both younger and older...

By Philip M. Hauser

The Muon

This fundamental particle has 200 times the mass of the electron but otherwise closely resembles it. Why it should be heavier is a question physicists have sought to answer in recent experiments...

By Sheldon Penman

The Artificial Kidney

In it a membrane of cellophane performs many of the main functions of the natural kidney. In addition to its clinical usefulness it is an excellent tool for studying certain physiological processes...

By John P. Merrill

Weather Satellites

Tiros I and Tiros II have provided a broad view of the circulation of the atmosphere. Future satellites will gather even more useful information on this circulation and the earth's total heat budget...

By Harry Wexler and Morris Neiburger

Hormones and Skin Color

The color of the skin of man and many other animals is established by cells containing the dark pigment melanin. Recent investigations indicate that these cells are strongly influenced by three hormones...

By Aaron B. Lerner

Experiments in Animal Psychophysics

New techniques for controlling the behavior of animals make it possible to measure their response to varying stimuli. In these experiments pigeons are trained to "tell" what they see

By Donald S. Blough

Superconducting Computers

The demand for computers of greater capacity calls for smaller and faster computer elements. One approach to the problem is to design elements that take advantage of the phenomenon of superconductivity...

By C. J. Kraus and William B. Ittner

Air-Conditioned Termite Nests

Some African termites build nests that are brilliantly designed to maintain the temperature and humidity within the nest while permitting oxygen to flow into it and carbon dioxide to flow out...

By Martin Lüscher


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