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Air Pollution and Public Health

New investigations are confirming the suspicion that over a period of time the accumulated products of combustion have a subtly harmful effect on the health of city dwellers

By Walsh McDermott

Gas Chromatography

A simple analytical method sharply separates components of complex mixtures. When used to characterize perfumes and flavors, its sensitivity rivals that of the human nose

By Roy A. Keller

The Ecology of the High Himalayas

Around 15,000 feet the slopes below Mount Everest support a typical alpine community of plants and animals. Above this altitude there is a unique community that is founded on wind-blown organic matter...

By Lawrence W. Swan

Communication Satellites

A summary of prospects for this revolutionary means of transmitting telephone and television signals over the entire earth. It now seems likely that the first such system will be operating within five years...

By John R. Pierce

Observing Dislocations in Crystals

These significant imperfections in the regular latticework of a crystal were first proposed on theoretical grounds. Now they can be directly observed in a number of ways

By W. C. Dash and A. G. Tweet

Isimila: A Paleolithic Site in Africa

The stone tools of early man have seldom been found exactly where he left them. Now excavations in Tanganyika have exposed campsites littered with tools that provide clues to their users' way of life...

By F. Clark Howell

Auditory Localization

It is well known that the ability to determine the direction of sound depends on having two ears. But how does the brain use the information from the ears to make the determination?

By Mark R. Rosenzweig

The Magnetism of the Ocean Floor

A sensitive magnetometer towed behind a ship detects small variations in the earth's magnetic field. The variations present a puzzling new picture of that part of the earth's crust which lies beneath the sea...

By Arthur D. Raff


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