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The Two-Mile Electron Accelerator

Congress has provided funds for a machine that will use radio waves to accelerate electrons down a 10,000-foot pipe to energies of more than 20 billion electron volts

By Edward L. Ginzton and William Kirk


These glassy stones are found in several parts of the world. There is much evidence that they are solidified droplets of molten rock that were splashed into the air by the impact of giant meteorites...

By Virgil E. Barnes

Chromosomes and Disease

Advances in the visualization of human chromosomes have made it possible to link chromosomal abnormalities with certain diseases and have opened up a new frontier in the study of human heredity...

By A. G. Bearn and James L. German III

Teaching Machines

These devices introduce a basically new element into pedagogy. The essence of their operation is that they enable the student to learn in small but rigorous steps, each of which is rewarding...

By B. F. Skinner

Desert Ground Squirrels

Two little animals of the Mohave Desert have evolved remarkable adaptations to heat and aridity. Each has adapted in its own way, which apparently enables them to live together without competing...

By George A. Bartholomew and Jack W. Hudson

Maxwell's Color Photograph

A hundred years ago the great physicist projected a photograph in full color. How this was done has been something of a puzzle. The mystery has now been cleared up by repeating his experiment...

By Ralph M. Evans

The Electrocardiogram

For 60 years physicians have used this record of the electrical activity of the heart for diagnosis. New investigations show how it is related to the electrical events that co-ordinate the heart...

By Allen M. Scher

Architectural Vaulting

Once vaulting was essential for the construction of large buildings. With the advent of steel it gave wax to rectangular structures. New problems of architecture, however, have again focused attention on it...

By J. H. Acland


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