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Messenger RNA

New experiments have found a kind of ribonucleic acid (RNA) that acts as a messenger to carry instructions from the genes to the particles in the cell where proteins are manufactured

By Jerard Hurwitz and J. J. Furth

The Solar Chromosphere

It is a narrow region lying between the visible disk of the sun and the corona. Within it are found many clues to phenomena in the sun, In interplanetary space and in the earth's atmosphere...

By R. Grant Athay

The Physiological Effects of Acceleration

Accustomed to the gravitational acceleration that gives him his sensation of weight, man is now faced with the problems of greatly increased weight and of weightlessness in manned rocket flights...

By Terence A. Rogers

The Etruscans

This enterprising people held sway over most of Italy before the rise of Rome. They are an integral part of the tradition of Western civilization, but their origins remain a mystery

By Raymond Bloch

Error-Correcting Codes

Information theory has shown that virtually error-free communication can be achieved by encoding messages in a special way. Clever use of redundancy is the key

By W. Wesley Peterson

Amoeboid Movement

In a new theory to explain the mechanism of motility in amoebae and similar cells,the author proposes that streaming cytoplasm contracts at the front of the cell and literally pulls it along...

By Robert D. Allen


The inexorable loss of material from surfaces in sliding contact eventually destroys the usefulness of most things. Now that laws of wear have been defined, its effect on systems can be predicted...

By Ernest Rabinowicz

Population Density and Social Pathology

When a population of laboratory rats is allowed to increase in a confined space, the rats develop acutely abnormal patterns of behavior that can even lead to the extinction of the population...

By John B. Calhoun


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