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Radio Galaxies

Certain galaxies are extraordinarily strong sources of radio waves. Until recently it was thought that they were galaxies in collision, but now astrophysicists seek other explanations of their radiation...

By D. S. Heeschen

Electrically Controlled Behavior

By energizing electrodes placed in various regions of a chicken's brain, the animal can be made to carry out most of the actions in its normal repertory. The technique clarifies the nature of drives...

By Erich von Holst and Ursula von Saint Paul

The Clotting of Fibrinogen

When blood clots, the soluble protein fibrinogen is converted into insoluble fibrin by the action of thrombin. The molecular events of the process have been traced in considerable detail...

By Koloman Laki

Ultrahigh Vacuum

In 1950 the limit of man-made vacuum appeared to be a pressure equivalent to 10 8 millimeter of mercury. A breakthrough in technique now provides pressures four orders of magnitude lower...

By H. A. Steinherz and P. A. Redhead

Red-Feather Money

This primitive currency fashioned from feathers, tree sap and fibers is the basis of a complex monetary and trading system in the Santa Cruz Islands of the southwest Pacific

By William Davenport


These opaque areas in the lens of the eye result from a derangement of the metabolism of the lens. They are treated by removing the lens, but recent studies suggest the possibility of nonsurgical treatment...

By Sidney Lerman

The Smallest Living Cells

A microbe known as the pleuropneumonia-like organism gives rise to free-living cells smaller than some viruses. They suggest the question: What are the smallest dimensions compatible with life?...

By Harold J. Morowitz and Mark E. Tourtellotte

The Longest Electromagnetic Waves

Sensitive magnetometers commonly detect oscillations with a period of 100 seconds and a wavelength of 18,600,000 miles. The origin of these waves is unknown, but they promise to be useful in geophysics...

By James R. Heirtzler


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