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The Thalidomide Syndrome

A mild and supposedly safe sedative taken by pregnant women has deformed the limbs and other organs of several thousand infants in West Germany, England, Canada and other countries

By Helen B. Taussig

The Spark Chamber

It is a new device to make visible the tracks of subatomic particles. Basically it consists of a series of charged plates. When a particle passes through the plates, its path is traced by sparks between them...

By Gerard K. O'Neill

The Sea's Deep Scattering Layers

The sound pulses of devices used to measure the depth of the ocean are often scattered by several "phantom bottoms" that rise by night and sink by day. The animals that make up these layers are now being identified...

By Robert S. Dietz


This grave mental illness now hospitalizes at least 250,000 Americans. Its investigators have sought to explain it on either a physiological or a psychological basis. The latter explanation is currently favored...

By Don D. Jackson

Dialects in the Language of the Bees

The dances that a honeybee does to direct its fellows to a source of nectar vary from one kind of bee to another. These variations clarify the evolution of this remarkable system of communication...

By Karl von Frisch

Neutrino Astronomy

A flood of the penetrating particles called neutrinos pours down on the earth from the sun and stars. If they could be detected, they would constitute a rich source of astrophysical information...

By Philip Morrison

Pumps in the Living Cell

One of the main activities of most animal cells and many animal tissues is the excretion of sodium. How is this "active transport" accomplished? Here the answer is sought in the kidney of the amphibian Necturus...

By Arthur K. Solomon


They are a class of local hormones, produced in blood or tissues where and when needed. They dilate the blood vessels and move smooth muscles. They also give wasp venom much of its sharp sting...

By H. O. J. Collier


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