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More from the Census of 1960

A sequel to the author's article of last year, which reported on the first data tabulated. Now deeper analysis has made new material available on U. S. education, occupations and incomes...

By Philip M. Hauser

Ancient Fluids in Crystals

When a mineral crystallizes out of a brine, some of the brine is trapped in small "fluid inclusions." Thus the inclusions provide samples of a solution that may be more than a billion years old...

By Edwin Roedder

Surgical Stapling

Ingenious adaptations of a simple fastening device are finding new applications in surgery. They include staplers designed for joining together the ends of severed blood vessels and nerves...

By R. F. Mallina, Theodore R. Miller, Philip Cooper and Stanley G. Christie

The Genetic Code

How does the order of bases in a nucleic acid determine the order of amino acids in a protein? It seems that each amino acid is specified by a triplet of bases, and that triplets are read in simple sequence...

By F. H. C. Crick

Semiconductor Particle-Detectors

This new type of counter is supplanting all others In the field of low-energy nuclear physics. Among its advantages are rapid response and the ability to distinguish particles close in energy...

By Olexa-Myron Bilaniuk

Cognitive Dissonance

It is the subject of a new theory based on experiments showing that the grass is usually not greener on the other side of the fence and that grapes are sourest when they are in easy reach...

By Leon Festinger

Electricity in Plants

Electrical disturbances similar to the nerve impulse associated with a number of plant life processes. It impulse are seems likely that these currents and fields somehow influence plant growth and development...

By Bruce I. H. Scott

Daddy Longlegs

Although these familiar denizens of the countryside have eight legs, they are not spiders. Their elongated limbs are more than a means of locomotion; they also appear to act as sense organs...

By Theodore H. Savory


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