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Desalting Water by Freezing

The alleviation of shortages of fresh water is often viewed in terms of distillation or the electrical removal of ions. Processes based on freezing crystals of fresh water out of salt may be more economical...

By Asa E. Snyder

Atmospheric Tides

Tiny regular pulsations of the atmosphere have long been attributed to the pull of the sun and the moon. Rocket observations now suggest that the cause is the absorption of ultraviolet radiation by ozone...

By S. T. Butler

The Evolution of the Hand

In 1960 tools were found together with the hand bones of a prehuman primate that lived more than a million years ago. This indicates that the hand of modern man has much earlier origins than had been thought...

By John Napier

Biological Luminescence

A remarkable variety of organisms from bacteria to fishes shine by their own light. The light is produced by diverse chemical systems, the best understood of which is the system isolated from fireflies...

By Howard H. Seliger and William D. McElroy

The Conduction of Heat in Solids

It is a familiar observation that some materials are better conductors of heat than others. The process is governed by the properties of a unit of sound energy known as the phonon

By Robert L. Sproull

The Use and Misuse of Game Theory

Can this fashionable technique really be used to solve the problems of human conflict? The author believes that it cannot, but that it can teach us what to do in order to solve such problems rationally...

By Anatol Rapoport

Surface Tension in the Lungs

Recent investigations have shown that the air spaces of the lung are coated with a complex substance that lowers surface tension. It now appears that this substance keeps the lungs from collapsing...

By John A. Clements

Ultraviolet Radiation and Nucleic Acid

The damaging effects of ultraviolet on living things have long been known. Now they are being explained in terms of specific changes in molecules of the genetic material

By R. A. Deering


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