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Organic Matter from Space

Recent studies have found in meteorites organized elements and hydrocarbons. Are they remnants of life or perhaps nonbiological carbon compounds formed early in the history of the solar system?...

By Brian Mason

Electric Location by Fishes

It is well known that some fishes generate strong electric fields to stun their prey or discourage predators. Gymnarchus niloticus produces a weak field for the purpose of sensing its environment...

By H. W. Lissmann

The Two-Neutrino Experiment

An account of the heroic experiment, involving a 30-billion-volt accelerator, a 10-ton spark chamber and 45 feet of armor plate, that demonstrated that there is not one kind of neutrino but two...

By Leon M. Lederman

The Genetic Code: II

A sequel to F. H. C. Crick's article of last October, which discussed how the hereditary material embodies the code for the manufacture of proteins. The nature of the code has now been further elucidated...

By Marshall W. Nirenberg

The Nature and Measurement of Anxiety

A psychological entity must be defined if it is to be measured. Through factor analysis psychologists seek to define anxiety in terms of the variables that are its clearest manifestations...

By Raymond B. Cattell

Ball Lightning

This rare form of lightning may represent a stable configuration of a plasma of charged particles. If it does, it may help to solve the problem of confining a plasma within a thermonuclear reactor...

By Harold W. Lewis

The Operation on President McKinley

An hour after he was shot in 1901, McKinley underwent surgery. A recently discovered record kept by one of his doctors provides a detailed account of the unsuccessful effort to keep him alive...

By Selig Adler

How Sap Moves in Trees

It is lifted up to the leaves and flows down with the products of photosynthesis. It can now be delicately sampled by tapping the tiny stylets that a feeding aphid pushes into a single cell...

By Martin H. Zimmermann


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