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The Mekong River Plan

In spite of many political obstacles, four southeast Asian nations helped by 14 others under UN auspices are engaged in thorough advance planning for a historic experiment in river development

By Gilbert F. White

Planetary Nebulae

These peculiar celestial objects consist of a hot, dense star surrounded by a sphere of luminous gas. The comparison of old and new astronomical photographs elucidates their mechanism

By Martha and William Liller

Continental Drift

In 1912 Alfred Wegener proposed that the continents had originated in the breakup of one supercontinent. His idea has not been widely accepted, hut new evidence suggests that the principle is correct

By J. Tuzo Wilson

The Aging of Collagen

Simple tests of this protein provide objective measurements of the biological age, as distinct from the calender age, of an animal. They also clarify the molecular basis of aging

By Frederic Verzár


The intelligent solution of a problem seems to involve more than trial and error. Experiments show that it often requires a fresh insight based on a sudden shift in the way the problem is viewed

By Martin Scheerer

The Origins of the Lathe

The importance of the iron-cutting lathe to the Industrial Revolution is rarely appreciated. A number of ingenious lathe mechanisms can be traced back to the Middle Ages

By Robert S. Woodbury

Predatory Wasps

Solitary wasps prey on spiders and insects to feed their larvae. Their highly specific predatory behavior, including choice of prey and manner of carrying it, provides clues to the evolution of wasps

By Howard E. Evans


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