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The Ecological Effects of Radiation

Ecosystems, the basic biological units of man's environment, are altered significantly by ionizing radiation. Forests appear to be among the most sensitive systems; weed fields are more resistant...

By George M. Woodwell

Noctilucent Clouds

These mysterious "night-shining clouds" that occur 50 miles up are seen occasionally in summer at high latitudes. Last August rocket-borne collectors brought back samples of their substance...

By Robert K. Soberman

Kilomegacycle Ultrasonics

"Ultrasonics" usually means acoustic frequencies up to a billion Waves of cycles per second: one kilomegacycle. Waves of higher frequency interact with matter and other forms of energy in intriguing ways...

By Klaus Dransfeld

The Lymphatic System

This second circulation plays an essential role in maintaining the body's steady state, draining from the spaces between cells fluid, protein and other substances that leak out of the blood...

By H. S. Mayerson

Hydrogen in Galaxies

Recent studies with radio telescopes indicate that the amount of interstellar hydrogen in a galaxy is correlated with its structural type and holds clues to its origin and evolution

By Morton S. Roberts

The Sanctuary of Artemis at Brauron

Recent excavations have uncovered the holy place where the women of Greece sought the favor of the goddess in childbirth. The site has also provided evidence on the early political history of Greece...

By John Papadimitriou

Machine Translation of Chinese

Although perfect translation is known to be unattainable, good progress has been made in translating Chinese with a machine that has high-speed access to a linguistic "library".

By Hsien-Wu Chang and Gilbert W. King

Early Experience and Emotional Development

Experiments with infant rats demonstrate the decisive influence of early social experiences on later emotional behavior. Some reciprocal effects of the mother-infant relation are also examined...

By Victor H. Denenberg


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