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The First Breath

When a baby is born, it must suddenly change its system of obtaining oxygen and disposing of carbon dioxide. Recent studies have revealed new details of what takes place during this critical episode of life...

By Clement A. Smith

The Conservation Laws of Physics

Modern physics rests largely on classical laws of the constancy of such quantities as electric charge. The extension of physics into new realms, however, requires that these laws be re-examined...

By Gerald Feinberg and Maurice Goldhaber

Foreign Nucleic Acids

In 1957 it was found that the cell defends itself against viruses with a protein called interferon. It now seems that this substance protects the cell against all the nucleic acids other than its own...

By Alick Isaacs

Chondrites and Chondrules

The first are stony meteorites; the second, the small spherical bodies they contain. There is evidence that the chondrules date back to the opening stages in the evolution of the solar system...

By John A. Wood


Recent experiments have elucidated the mechanism of these curious visual phenomena and have provided several new insights into the photochemistry of normal human vision

By G. S. Brindley

The Capital of the Nabataeans

Excavations at ancient Petra in the Middle East indicate something of the process by which a nomadic Arabian tribe became settled and Hellenized over a period of centuries

By Peter J. Parr

The Control of Growth in Plant Cells

Experiments showing that a new carrot plant can be produced from ordinarily nongrowing cells of the root provide clues about what causes and inhibits growth in living organisms

By F. C. Steward


When an animal learns to run a maze, has it learned a sequence of movements or some kind of map? This problem, which bears on the theory of learning, has occupied psychologists for 50 years...

By Henry Gleitman


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