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Vehicular Traffic Flow

The interaction of driver-car units on roads is now being studied by physical and mathematical methods. The results have already been used in the solution of traffic problems

By Robert Herman and Keith Gardels


These collections of the particles called ribosomes appear to be the assembly lines on which the living cell manufactures protein molecules. How the assembly line works is just now becoming clear

By Alexander Rich

Quasi-Stellar Radio Sources

Neither stars nor galaxies, they are perhaps the brightest objects in the universe, and among the most distant. Until their puzzling spectra were recently decoded they were mistaken for nearby stars

By Jesse L. Greenstein

The Continuous Casting of Steel

This new method of steelmaking shapes and solidifies molten steel, readying it for the rolling mill in virtually one step. Developed in Europe, it is now being implemented in the U.S.

By Leonard V. Gallagher and Bruce S. Old

The Master Switch of Life

Studies of diving have led to the identification of the vertebrate animal's ultimate defense against asphyxia: a gross redistribution of the circulation that concentrates oxygen in the brain and heart

By P. F. Scholander

Magnetic Monopoles

They are fundamental particles that are predicted by conservation and symmetry principles but have not been detected. This apparent violation of physical theory has stimulated a new search for them

By Kenneth W. Ford

The Aerial Migration of Insects

A few insects migrate seasonally over great distances rather like birds. Recently it has been learned that most other species also migrate by simply beating their wings while the wind carries them

By C. G. Johnson


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