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The Effects of Observing Violence

Experiments suggest that aggression depicted in television and motion picture dramas, or observed in actuality, can arouse certain members of the audience to violent action

By Leonard Berkowitz

The Stereochemical Theory of Odor

There is evidence that the sense of smell is based on the geometry of molecules. Seven primary odors are distinguished, each of them by an appropriately shaped receptor at the olfactory nerve endings...

By John E. Amoore, James W. Johnston Jr. and Martin Rubin

Tektites and Impact Fragments from the Moon

It has been argued that the glassy stones called tektites arose from the impact of huge meteorites on the earth. There are also arguments that they originated with similar impacts on the moon...

By John A. O'Keefe

How Cells Attack Antigens

An army of defensive cells protects the body against invasion by foreign substances: the antigens. The specialized functions of these various "inflammatory" cells are now being clarified...

By Robert S. Speirs

Strongly Interacting Particles

Presenting an account of recent developments in high-energy physics. These particles that respond to the strongest of the four natural forces no longer seem "elementary." They may be composites of one another...

By Geoffrey F. Chew, Murray Gell-Mann and Arthur H. Rosenfeld

The Antarctic Skua

This large bird is found closer to the South Pole than any other living thing except man. It has made itself unpopular by defecating on explorers and preying on the lovable penguin

By Carl R. Eklund

Redundancy in Computers

One way to make a machine or a biological system more reliable is to design it to work even if some parts fail. This requires extra parts, so arranged that they interact to suppress errors...

By William H. Pierce

The Black Death

The plague that killed a quarter of the people of Europe in the years 1348–1350 is still studied to shed light on human behavior under conditions of universal catastrophe

By William L. Langer


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