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A Study in Fertility Control

Can modern concepts of family planning have a significant impact in the underdeveloped countries? A study in Taiwan suggests that fertility can indeed be changed substantially by a planned program...

By Bernard Berelson and Ronald Freedman

High-Voltage Power Transmission

By raising voltages the cost of transmitting power can be lowered in 1953 the first 345,000-volt line was commissioned in the U.S. Today a 700,000-volt transmission line is being built in Canada...

By H. G. Pfeiffer and L. O. Barthold

Hybrid Nucleic Acids

One strand of nucleic acid will combine with another wherever the subunits of the two strands are complementary. Artificial combinations clarify the flow of information in the living cell...

By S. Spiegelman

The Chemistry of the Noble Gases

The first chemical compound containing a noble, or supposedly inert, gas was achieved in 1962. The chemistry of this rapidly growing class of compounds promises to shed light on the nature of the chemical bond...

By Henry Selig, Howard H. Claassen and John G. Malm

Dwarf Galaxies

The most common type of galactic system in the universe, these sparsely populated stellar assemblages have proved to be very useful in investigating the evolution of galaxies

By Paul W. Hodge


Although this disease characterized by the accumulation of white blood cells is almost always fatal, advances in knowledge of its cause and management give promise that it may someday be curable...

By Emil Frei and Emil J. Freireich

Arithmetic Behavior in Chimpanzees

In which Dennis and Margie are taught how to recognize numbers and write them in binary form. The manner in which chimpanzees master the language of mathematics may illuminate human verbal behavior...

By Charles B. Ferster

Early Concepts of the Senses and the Mind

Man's understanding of how he perceives the real world was advanced in the 17th century by men who separated answerable physical questions from unanswerable metaphysical questions...

By A. C. Crombie


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