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Attitudes Toward Desegregation

Presenting a sequel to an article of the same title that appeared in this magazine in 1956. The findings indicate a steady rise in support of integration among whites in both North and South...

By Herbert H. Hyman and Paul B. Sheatsley

Control Mechanisms of the Eye

The control system whereby the eye tracks a target is investigated by an engineering technique systems analysis, and is found to be a servomechanism in which retinal-image motion serves as feedback...

By Derek H. Fender

Radio Waves from Jupiter

In 1955 the largest planet was discovered to be a source of surprisingly strong radio emissions. Now astronomers are seeking to elucidate the mechanism of the radiation

By K. L. Franklin

The Early Relatives of Man

New evidence from fossils of the period between 60 and 12 million years ago not only illun1inates the main stages of primate evolution but also singles out the ape stock from which the human line arose...

By Elwyn L. Simons

The Thymus Hormone

The blood cells that manufacture antibodies trace their origin back to the thymus gland. It has recently been discovered that the gland also secretes a substance that enables the cells to make antibodies...

By Raphael H. Levey

Germ-Free Isolators

They are widely used to raise laboratory animals in an environment that is entirely free of microorganisms. Other potential applications are in surgery on human patients and in the manufacture of spacecraft...

By P. C. Trexler

The Chinampas of Mexico

They are highly productive farm plots surrounded on at least three sides by canals. Created in an ancient drainage project, they were the economic foundation of the Aztec empire

By Michael D. Coe

Computer Experiments in Chemistry

By simulating the motions of atoms and molecules during a chemical reaction a powerful computer at Los Alamos has provided insight into chemical problems that cannot be achieved by laboratory experiments...

By Don L. Bunker


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