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National Security and the Nuclear-Test Ban

Two scientific advisers to the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations present the reasons why further nuclear tests are unnecessary and why there can be no technical solution to the problem of national security...

By Jerome B. Wiesner and Herbert F. York

The Omega-Minus Experiment

An account of the experiment, performed with Brookhaven National Laboratory's 33-billion-electron-volt accelerator, that confirmed existence of a new particle predicted by the "eightfold way"...

By William B. Fowler and Nicholas P. Samios

The Genetic Code of a Virus

The tobacco mosaic virus consists of hereditary material and a single protein. Artificial changes in the hereditary material elucidate how it directs the synthesis of the three-dimensional molecule of protein...

By Heinz Fraenkel-Conrat


This branch of meteorology deals with atmospheric phenomena within a few hundred feet of the ground. Its findings are proving useful in such practical matters as air pollution and agriculture...

By Sir Graham Sutton

Tears and the Lacrimal Gland

Human beings shed continuous tears as well as those induced by emotions, chemicals and various irritants. Study of the gland that produces tears may help to explain the process of secretion...

By Stella Y. Botelho

Industrial Manipulators

Many tasks done by human hands cannot yet be taken up by automatic machines. Machines can, however, extend the capacities of the hand, and they suggest ways in which manipulation can be made automatic...

By Ralph S. Mosher

The Illusion of Movement

Flashing two lights at certain rates of speed creates the illusion of a single light in motion. Experiments with the illusion assist in efforts to clarify the neural mechanisms of visual perception...

By Paul A. Kolers

Habitat Selection

How does an animal choose its environment? Experiments with mice that live either in fields or in forests indicate that both heredity and learning have played a role in the evolution of this behavior...

By Stanley C. Wecker


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