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Experiments in Hurricane Modification

By "seeding" a cluster of clouds near the center of a hurricane with silver iodide crystals it may be possible to trigger a self-sustaining chain of events leading to a reduction in the storm's wind speed...

By R. H. Simpson and Joanne S. Malkus

The Geology of the Moon

With the technique of stratigraphy the geologist can ascertain the relative age of lunar features. The resulting interpretation of the moon's surface is supported by the Ranger pictures...

By Eugene M. Shoemaker

Three-Pigment Color Vision

Direct measurements of the absorption of light by individual cells show that color is discriminated in vertebrate retinas by three pigments segregated in three kinds of cone receptor

By Edward F. MacNichol Jr.

Protein-Digesting Enzymes

These enzymes, which are themselves proteins, play an essential role in the process provides clues of digestion. The study of their molecular structure as to how all enzymes produce their catalytic effects...

By Hans Neurath

Fluid Control Devices

They perform the operations of amplification and switching mechanically rather than electrically. For some purposes they are more reliable than their electronic counterparts

By Stanley W. Angrist

The Hopewell Cult

A 1,500-year-old rubbish heap unearthed in southern Ohio holds the answers to some key questions about the ancient Indians who lived there and built huge funeral mounds filled with offerings...

By Olaf H. Prufer

How Cells Make Antibodies

The process has now been clarified by experiments with single antibody-producing cells grown in culture. These experiments indicate that antibody manufacture is directed by the genes

By G. J. V. Nossal

Quantized Vortex Rings in Superfluid Helium

Vortex rings analogous to smoke rings in air can be produced in liquid helium. They move in strange ways and exhibit discrete quantum effects on a large scale

By F. Reif


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