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The Jordan Valley Plan

The historic region at the eastern end of the Mediterranean is especially suited to a unified development of water resources. Some advances have been made in spite of Arab-Israeli tensions...

By Maurice A. Garbell

The Structure of Crystal Surfaces

By using low-energy electrons as a probe a new instrument can disclose the configuration of atoms on the surface of a crystal. The technique has revealed structures of unexpected complexity...

By Lester H. Germer

Learning in the Octopus

The animal cooperates readily in laboratory experiments. Tests of its capacities before and after brain surgery lend support to the idea that there are two kinds of memory: long-term and short-term...

By Brian B. Boycott

The Magnetosphere

Satellite measurements indicate that the earth's magnetic field is confined to a definite volume of space shaped somewhat like a teardrop with a tremendously long tail

By Laurence J. Cahill

The Sarcoplasmic Reticulum

High-resolution electron micrographs reveal that this complex network of tubules and sacs inside the striated muscle fiber performs the functions of rapid telegraphy, plumbing and supply...

By Clara Franzini-Armstrong and Keith R. Porter

Acoustic Methods in Psychiatry

In which the speech of disturbed persons is analyzed not for content but for such attributes as loudness and timbre. The results indicate that this analysis can be useful in the description of mental state...

By Peter F. Ostwald

De Forest and the Triode Detector

He invented the three-electrode vacuum tube without understanding how it worked. His grid-triode was no great success as a detector, but it did eventually make modern radio and electronics possible...

By Robert A. Chipman

Computer Experiments in Fluid Dynamics

The fundamental behavior of fluids has traditionally been studied in tanks and wind tunnels. The capacities of the modern computer make it possible to do subtler experiments on the computer alone...

By Francis H. Harlow and Jacob E. Fromm


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