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Poverty and Social Change

A rural community's experience indicates that an essential element in a war on poverty is inducing Slum dwellers to develop patterns of social functioning, including group action and local leadership...

By Alexander H. Leighton

The Luminescence of the Moon

There is more to moonlight than reflected sunlight. The moon's surface sometimes glows with its own luminescence, apparently stimulated by the impact of charged particles from solar flares...

By Zdenk Kopal

High-Pressure Technology

It has advanced rapidly since the synthesis of diamond a decade ago, not only in the building of larger presses but also in the evolution of mechanical concepts for dealing with high pressures in general...

By Alexander Zeitlin

Molecular Beams

Studies involving coherent beams of atoms and molecules have had a profound influence on the development of modern physics. Among their technological dividends are masers, lasers and atomic clocks...

By O. R. Frisch

The Navigation of the Green Turtle

These animals are known to migrate regularly to and from nesting beach and feeding ground. Now it appears they can also navigate well enough to make an island landfall after 1,400 miles at sea...

By Archie Carr

The Physiology of Exercise

Muscular activity causes the body to mobilize an entire array of adaptive mechanisms to meet rising respiratory and circulatory demands. Even the prospect of exercise can initiate the process...

By Jere H. Mitchell and Carleton B. Chapman

Frozen Tombs of the Scythians

"Soviet archaeologists, examining several 2,000-year-old graves in Siberia, have found rich stores of normally perishable cloth, leather and wood artifacts almost perfectly preserved by cold"...

By M. I. Artamonov

The Evolution of Hemoglobin

"One can reconstruct this evolution by comparing the sequence of amino acid units in the several molecular chains of human hemoglobin and in hemoglobin chains from other animals"...

By Emile Zuckerkandl


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