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Photography by Laser

The highly coherent light produced by the laser is used in a novel photographic process, in which the light-sensitive film, instead of recording an image, in effect records the light waves themselves...

By Emmett N. Leith and Juris Upatnieks

Hormones and Genes

One of the traditional questions of biology is: How do hormones exert their powerful effects on cells? Evidence is accumulating that many of these effects are due to the activation of genes...

By Eric H. Davidson

The Magnetic Field of the Galaxy

Its role may be to stiffen the arms of the galaxy and hold them in place. By determining the polarization of incoming radiation radio telescopes have shown how the field is oriented in space...

By George A. Seielstad and Glenn L. Berge

Chemical Fertilizers

In a world that is obliged to produce more food, enriching the soil with elements that are needed for plant growth is a major concern. What are these elements and how can they be artificially supplied?...

By Christopher J. Pratt

The Flight Muscles of Insects

The wings of some insects beat hundreds of times per second. The two kinds of muscle that power insect flight give clues to the operation of muscle throughout the animal kingdom

By David S. Smith

Corona Chemistry

The electric discharge that results from the incomplete breakdown of a gas can be put to work as a chemical catalyst. The corona acts by creating numerous free radicals that mediate chemical reactions...

By John A. Coffman and William R. Browne

The Composition of the Earth's Interior

There is little likelihood that the core of the earth will ever be examined at first hand, but recent studies of solids at high pressures support the idea that it is made of iron and nickel...

By Taro Takahashi and William A. Bassett

William Withering and the Purple Foxglove

The foxglove yields the invaluable heart drug digitalis. Discovered at least as early as the 16th century, the drug fell into disrepute but was reinstated by the careful studies of an English physician...

By J. Worth Estes and Paul Dudley White


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