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The Support of Science in the U.S.

The sharp and sustained increase in funds has improved research and has benefited the investigator. Nevertheless, serious questions are being raised about the financing of research in universities...

By Dael Wolfle

Hydroxyl Radicals in Space

Although these molecules are far less abundant In the interstellar medium than atoms of hydrogen are, radio astronomers find that they reveal many fresh facts about the dynamics of the galactic center...

By Brian J. Robinson

The Secondary Recovery of Petroleum

The life of an oil well can be extended by techniques that push oil out of the rock after the decline of natural pressure. Such methods may account for half of the U.S. output of oil by 1980...

By Noel de Nevers

The Pineal Gland

The function of this small organ near the center of the mammalian brain has long been a mystery. Recent studies indicate that it is a "biological clock" that regulates the activity of the sex glands...

By Julius Axelrod and Richard J. Wurtman

Ultrastrong Magnetic Fields

Defined as fields above 10 million gauss, they can be produced by clever use of explosives. They may make it possible to study matter under pressure conditions found inside stars and planets...

By Francis Bitter

The Role of Chlorophyll in Photosynthesis

The pigments of plants trap light energy and store it as chemical energy. They do this by catalyzing an oxidation-reduction process in which hydrogen atoms are boosted from water to organic matter...

By Eugene I. Rabinowitch and Govindjee

Ancient Jerusalem

A sprawling city today, Jerusalem was nothing but a fortified ridge in the desert when David seized it 3,000 years ago. New excavations are revealing its successive stages of development...

By Kathleen M. Kenyon

Flies and Disease

Do flies spread disease? Surprisingly the evidence is still inconclusive. Efforts to provide an answer have nonetheless yielded significant information on the nature of infection

By Bernard Greenberg


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