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Residential Segregation

An objective index shows that in every American city Negroes live separately from whites. Of the three principal causes-choice, poverty and discrimination-the third is by far the strongest...

By Karl E. Taeuber

Infrared Astronomy

The radiation in the spectral region between light and radio waves carries much information about celestial objects. New detectors are making this information increasingly available

By Bruce C. Murray and James A. Westphal

High-Speed Tube Transportation

In which a system is proposed that would carry passengers from Boston to Washington in at speeds up to 500 miles 90 minutes. Its vehicles would travel at speeds up to 500 miles an hour through dual evacuated tubes...

By L. K. Edwards

Nuclear Fission

Twenty years after the detonation of the first nuclear explosion the study of the splitting of the atomic nucleus in two is still the best source of information about highly deformed heavy nuclei...

By R. B. Leachman

The Production of Heat by Fat

In addition to normal "white" fat, many newborn mammals and adults of hibernating species have "brown" fat deposits. It is metabolism in brown fat cells that increases heat output as a response to cold...

By David Hull and Michael J. R. Dawkins

Density Gradients

Devices incorporating this simple concept have recently found application In fields as diverse as solid-state physics, the manufacture of plastics and the chemistry of the genetic code

By Gerald Oster

The Swimming Energetics of Salmon

These fish perform a mighty metabolic feat when they swim hundreds of miles upstream without food to spawn. Experiments in the field and in the laboratory help to clarify how the feat is accomplished...

By J. R. Brett

The Royal Hemophilia

A disease caused by the inheritance of a defective X chromosome, it has plagued European royalty for three generations. Queen Victoria was the first carrier of the mutation, 'which may not yet be extinct...

By Victor A. McKusick


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