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Protein from Petroleum

Certain microorganisms thrive on hydrocarbons. In growing they synthesize proteins rich in amino acids that plant foods lack. Protein from petroleum may help solve the world's food problem...

By Alfred Champagnat

Electrical Effects in Bone

When bone is mechanically deformed, it generates a small electric current. This suggests that the changes that occur in living bone when it is under mechanical stress are mediated by electric fields...

By C. Andrew L. Bassett

Diamonds in Meteorites

Many of the meteoritic fragments around Arizona's Meteor Crater (and also three other meteorites) contain bits of diamond. These inclusions provide information on the history of the meteorites...

By Edward Anders


The word has many definitions, not all of which apply to the word probability. The vagueness of the concept persistently contributes to errors in its application

By A. J. Ayer

Quantum Effects in Superconductors

In a superconductor the motions of widely separated electrons are related. This leads to curious consequences when superconducting bodies of various shapes and sizes are placed in a magnetic field...

By R. D. Parks

Early Man in Peru

The peculiar climate and abundant sea life of the Peruvian coast affected the way of life there from the time of the first nomadic campers 9,000 years ago to that of the predecessors of the Incas...

By Edward P. Lanning

The Chemistry of Cell Membranes

The walls of the living cell consist partly of the fatty substances called phospholipids. It appears that some of these substances play an active role in the transport of other substances across the walls...

By Lowell E. Hokin and Mabel R. Hokin

The Origins of Facial Expressions

The raised eyebrow, frown, smile, laugh and even the ability to speak may all have evolved from ancestral reflex actions that were gradually transformed into means of communication

By Richard J. Andrew


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