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Tar Sands and Oil Shales

The world's largest potential liquid-hydrocarbon reserves are not recoverable by ordinary oil-producing methods. The pace of their exploitation depends on technical, economic and political factors...

By Noel de Nevers

The Nucleotide Sequence of a Nucleic Acid

For the first time the specific order of subunits in one of the giant molecules that participate in the synthesis of protein has been determined. The task took seven years

By Robert W. Holley

Neutrinos from the Atmosphere and Beyond

The first naturally produced neutrinos, by-products of high-energy cosmic-ray interactions with matter in the earth's atmosphere, have been detected in an underground laboratory in South Africa...

By J. P. F. Sellschop and Frederick Reines

The Lung

This elaborately involuted tissue of air sacs and blood vessels serves to exchange gases between the air and the blood. In man the total area of the membrane between the two systems is 70 square meters...

By Julius H. Comroe

Stress-Corrosion Failure

In some chemical environments alloys give way under stresses it was assumed they could bear. The importance of this phenomenon increases with the growing diversity of circumstances in which alloys are used...

By Peter R. Swann

The Hagfish

This primitive animal has teeth on its tongue, secretes a viscid slime and can tie itself in a knot. It also has four hearts, the nature of which may clarify cardiac function in higher animals...

By David Jensen

The Control of Snow Avalanches

As more people and their works push into mountain areas the hazard of snowslides increases. A number of methods have been developed both to prevent the slides and to provide protection against them...

By Edward R. LaChapelle

Scientific Numismatics

Ancient coins have provided much information about the sites in which they were found and about the societies that produced them. They can be made to yield even more information by modern statistical methods...

By D. D. Kosambi


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