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Living under the Sea

To learn more about the ocean and harvest its resources, men must be able to live and work as free divers on the continental shelf. Several research programs are currently developing this ability...

By Joseph B. MacInnis

The Footprints of Tumor Viruses

Some viruses that cause tumors in animals are not found in the tumors but their antigens are. This suggests that the absence of a virus in a human cancer does not necessarily mean that a virus did not cause it...

By Fred Rapp and Joseph L. Melnick

The Voyage of Mariner IV

In which numerous obstacles are overcome to put a 575-pound spacecraft within 6,118 miles of Mars after a trip of 228 days. The first of a three-part series on the mission and its results...

By J. N. James


Basically they enable two parts of a machine to move with respect to each other. They have evolved rapidly in response to increased demands in terms of load, speed, lifetime, efficiency and economy...

By E. A. Muyderman

The Nerve Axon

The fiber that conducts the nerve impulse is a tubelike structure. Its operation can be studied by squeezing the contents out of the giant axon of the squid and replacing them with various solutions...

By Peter F. Baker

The Prehistory of the Australian Aborigine

The native inhabitants of Australia were long thought to be relatively recent immigrants. In the past decade archaeologists have discovered that man first reached the remote continent at least 16,000 years ago...

By D. J. Mulvaney

False Scorpions

These small, harmless relatives of the true scorpions are surprisingly abundant in woodland regions. Their retiring way of life conceals some fascinating patterns of behavior

By Theodore H. Savory

The Airglow

A faint but constant light is emitted by a layer of excited atoms and molecules in the earth's upper atmosphere. The events that give rise to this radiation have now been reproduced in the laboratory...

By Robert A. Young


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