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The Economics of Technological Change

The effects of such change are brought out by a comparison of input-output tables listing the transactions among all sectors of industry in the U.S. for the years 1947 and 1958

By Anne P. Carter

Chemical Lasers

If a laser could be made to work by a chemical reaction, it would need no external source of power. Two experimental chemical-laser systems, both of which emit in the infrared, have now been found...

By George C. Pimentel

Chromosome Analysis by Computer

Now that certain human disorders have been linked with chromosome abnormalities, it is desirable to examine large numbers of cells for such abnormalities. A computer regime has been devised for the purpose...

By Frank H. Ruddle and Robert S. Ledley

The Photographs from Mariner IV

How they were made and what they show is reviewed. The second of three articles on the remarkably successful Mariner mission

By Robert B. Leighton

Early Metallurgy in the New World

In 4000 B.C. the people of the Great Lakes region were hammering tools out of native copper. By the time of Columbus the gold work of cultures from Peru to Mexico rivaled the best in the Old World...

By Dudley T. Easby Jr.

Sex Differences in the Brain

There is increasing evidence that mammalian behavior patterns are basically female and that male patterns are induced by the action of the sex hormone testosterone on the brain of the newborn animal...

By Seymour Levine

The Muonium Atom

This recently discovered atom consists of only two elementary particles: a positive muon and an electron. A study of its energy levels has yielded precise new information that pertains to all electromagnetic interactions...

By Vernon W. Hughes

Antibiotics and the Genetic Code

The meaning of the code that directs the synthesis of proteins can be changed by the action of streptomycin and related drugs. They cause "misreading" by altering the structure of ribosomes...

By Luigi Gorini


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