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The Detection of Underground Explosions

New methods make it possible to identify as such the great majority of earthquakes and explosions. Thus the technical basis for extending the ban on nuclear tests is established

By Edward Bullard

German Measles

This mild infection can have grave results during pregnancy. In 1964 an epidemic in the U.S. caused defects in 20,000 infants. Isolation of the virus has led to intensive efforts to develop a safe vaccine...

By Louis Z. Cooper

Modern Cryptology

The making and breaking of ciphers and codes has always played a large role in the affairs of nations. Today cryptanalysts gather secret intelligence with the aid of electronics and mathematics...

By David Kahn

Poultry Production

The per capita consumption of poultry in the U.S. has more than doubled during the past 30 years. To meet the demand, automatic factories today convert tons of feed into tons of meat and eggs...

By Wilbor O. Wilson

Polarized Accelerator Targets

Crystals in which the nuclear particles are all spinning in the same direction are bombarded with high-energy particles to measure how much the nuclear forces depend on the spin of the nuclear particles...

By Gilbert Shapiro

The Voodoo Lily

This tropical plant and its relatives emit a highly unpleasant odor that attracts insect pollinators. To broadcast its scent the plant resorts to unusual metabolic pathways that make part of it quite hot...

By Bastiaan J. D. Meeuse

Short-Term Memory

Tests of how long information is retained and the circumstances in which it is forgotten suggest that short-term and long-term memory are closely related but involve some separate mechanisms...

By Lloyd R. Peterson

Boron Crystals

X-ray analysis of the crystals formed by boron and its compounds has turned out to be fruitful beyond expectations and has led to a considerable extension of the concepts of structural chemistry...

By C. H. L. Kennard and Don B. Sullenger


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