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The Last of the Great Whales

After bringing two species of great whales in the Antarctic to the verge of extinction and badly overhunting two others, the whaling industry is now endangering the last abundant species in the world...

By Scott McVay

A Solid-State Source of Microwaves

A tiny crystal of gallium arsenide can be made to emit microwaves simply by applying a steady voltage across it. This phenomenon, known as the Gunn effect, may revolutionize microwave technology...

By Raymond Bowers

The Origin of Cosmic Rays

What cosmic accelerators generate these fantastically energetic particles? Calculations suggest that most cosmic rays may come not from within our galaxy but from extragalactic radio sources...

By Geoffrey Burbidge


The artery disease that is responsible for most heart attacks is on the rise in the U.S. Its prevalence seems to be related to diet, so there is hope that the epidemic can be controlled

By David M. Spain

The Study of Sailing Yachts

The design of their hulls is assisted by experiments with models. Now tests of the full-scale hull of a racing yacht in a towing tank are aiding the evaluation of results obtained from work with models...

By Halsey C. Herreshoff and J. N. Newman

Mammalian Eggs in the Laboratory

The earliest stages of human development may be opened to study by bringing the eggs of mammals to maturity in a culture medium, fertilizing them in vivo or in vitro and observing the embryos...

By R. G. Edwards

Conflict and Arousal

Arousal involves a heightening of attentiveness that helps individuals to act and to learn. The Inner conflicts that ambiguous, surprising or complex stimuli produce, in turn, help to arouse the individual...

By Daniel E. Berlyne

How the "Newer Alchemy" was Received

The startling announcement in 1902 of the Rutherford-Soddy theory of the transmutation of elements by radioactive decay met surprisingly little opposition. A historian of science examines this curious reception...

By Lawrence Badash


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