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A Third Generation of Breeder Reactors

The evolution of fission reactors capable of breeding more fuel than they consume is continuing. The present plan is to develop a plant that will generate a million kilowatts of electric power...

By T. R. Bump

The Diving Women of Korea and Japan

Some 30,000 of these breath-holding divers, called ama, are employed in daily foraging for food on the bottom of the sea. Their performance is of particular interest to the physiologist

By Hermann Rabn and Suk Ki Hong

Small Systems of Nerve Cells

In some invertebrate animals complete behavioral functions may be controlled by a very few cells. This makes it possible to trace out the interactions of the cells and so to investigate nervous integration...

By Donald Kennedy

The Vikings

For 400 years beginning in the ninth century A.D. these seafaring nomads shaped history from the Middle East to North America. Such finds as coin hoards and buried ships trace their rise and decline...

By Eric Oxenstierna

Gene Structure and Protein Structure

A linear correspondence between these two chainlike molecules was postulated more than a dozen years ago. Here is how the correspondence was finally demonstrated

By Charles Yanofsky

Vision and Touch

It has been held that human beings must learn how to see, and that they are taught by the sense of touch. New experiments demonstrate, however, that vision completely dominates touch and even shapes it...

By Charles S. Harris and Irvin Rock

Light-Emitting Semiconductors

A variety of electron-exciting mechanisms can be used to induce luminescence in crystals of semiconducting compounds. Among the applications of this capability are efficient solid-state lasers...

By Frederick F. Morehead

Ordinary Matter

The extraordinary particles created in accelerators are important clues to the nature of matter. They obscure the fact, however, that the matter of ordinary experience consists of only three particles...

By Gerald Feinberg


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