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Squatter Settlements

The shantytowns that have sprung up in developing areas are widely regarded as being sinks of social disorganization. A study of such communities in Peru shows that here, at least, the opposite is true...

By William Mangin

Liquid Natural Gas

Natural gas is now the fuel most commonly used in the U.S., but under certain circumstances it is uneconomical to transport and store. This drawback is being overcome by transporting and storing it as a liquid...

By Noel de Nevers

The Streamer Chamber

A new kind of particle detector is in use at the two-mile Stanford linear accelerator. In it the path of a particle is traced by small sparklike "streamers" in a gas between high-voltage electrodes...

By David Yount

The Shape of the Earth

As is well known, the earth is a slightly flattened sphere, but it also departs from the spherical in other interesting ways. These departures have been most clearly revealed by the orbits of artificial satellites...

By Desmond King-Hele

The Structure of Antibodies

The basic pattern of the principal class of molecules that neutralize antigens (foreign substances in the body) is four cross-linked chains. This pattern is modified so that antibodies can fit different antigens...

By R. R. Porter

Visual Isolation in Gulls

Some species of gulls live together and look alike, yet they do not interbreed. How do the species remain isolated? Experiments in the Arctic indicate that they do so by recognizing subtle visual signals...

By Neal Griffith Smith

Interstellar Grains

These dustlike particles, which may be frozen gases, constitute less than one part in 1,000 of all the matter in our galaxy. Yet they successfully hide most of the stars in the galaxy from view...

By J. Mayo Greenberg

The Interference Theory of Forgetting

A classical hypothesis about forgetting is that learning some things tends to make one forget others. This mechanism can be demonstrated, and modern experiments have led to a deeper knowledge of how it works...

By John Ceraso


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