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The Sociology of the Nobel Prizes

The prizes in science have such prestige that they affect institutions as well as the individuals who win them. An analysis of the American prizewinners, with special reference to their origins and their fate...

By Harriet Zuckerman

The Feel of the Moon

In September Surveyor V showed that the moon's surface is not unlike the earth's in composition. Six months earlier Surveyor III had found that its consistency was also much like a granular terrestrial soil...

By Ronald F. Scott

Early Man in South America

Stone tools indicate that men lived in South America no less than 14,000 years ago. The oldest clearly dated tools in North America are 2,000 years younger, suggesting that other tools may be older...

By Edward P. Lanning and Thomas C. Patterson

Lysosomes and Disease

Lysosomes are organelles of the living cell that contain digestive enzymes. They play an important part in normal life processes, and there is evidence that they are also involved in pathological ones...

By Anthony Allison

Rapid Excavation

Excavating from the surface is normally cheaper than tunneling underground, but its undesirable side effects and the evolution of excavating machines make tunneling increasingly attractive...

By Thomas E. Howard

Gravitational Collapse

Gravity, the weakest force known, may be the agent for crushing matter out of existence. This could happen after a star collapses to a critical size, whereupon gravity overwhelms all other forces...

By Kip S. Thorne

Maxwell's Demon

This hypothetical being, invoked by James Clerk Maxwell nearly a century ago as a violator of the second law of thermodynamics, has occupied the minds of many prominent physicists ever since...

By W. Ehrenberg

The Fungus Gardens of Insects

Several kinds of insects live only in association with one kind of fungus, and vice versa. In some instances the insect actively cultivates the fungus, browsing on it and controlling its growth...

By Suzanne W. T. Batra and Lekh R. Batra


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