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The Arrival of Nuclear Power

Electric power obtained from nuclear fission has made a decisive market breakthrough and now accounts for nearly half of all the new power-generating capacity being ordered by U.S. utilities...

By John F. Hogerton

The Membrane of the Mitochondrion

The folded inner membrane of this intracellular body is the site of the major process of energy metabolism in the living cell. It is studied by taking it apart and attempting to put it together again...

By Efraim Racker

Advances in Holography

The range of possible uses of this remarkable photographic technique has grown considerably in the past four years. In spite of the many problems that remain, some applications appear feasible at present...

By Keith S. Pennington

The Evolution of Paleolithic Art

The first artistic tradition occupied two-thirds of the period spanned by the entire history of art. How it evolved is studied by the classification of its works in terms of time and space...

By André Leroi-Gourhan

Jupiter's Great Red Spot

There is evidence to suggest that this peculiar marking is the top of a "Taylor column": a stagnant region above a bump or depression at the bottom of a circulating fluid

By Raymond Hide

Death from Staphylococci

When someone dies of staphylococcal infection, what is the specific cause of death? The answer is sought by study of the chemical events that accompany the course of fatal infection in laboratory animals...

By Ian Maclean Smith

Studies in Self-Esteem

The opinion an individual has of himself is clearly an important component of his behavior. How this component is shaped and how it influences personal conduct is investigated in a group of boys...

By Stanley Coopersmith

The Migration of Polar Bears

These large carnivores travel widely in pursuit of their prey. Exactly how widely is unknown, but steps are being taken to find out with the help of artificial satellites

By Vagn Flyger and Marjorie R. Townsend


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