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The Three Spectroscopies

The exotic particles produced by the great accelerators can be regarded as a spectrum of excited states that decay to a few ground states. Similar states exist in two older spectroscopies...

By Victor F. Weisskopf

The Tartaria Tablets

Three inscribed tablets found in Romania may be 1,000 years older than the oldest examples of writing from Mesopotamia. They are probably not that old, but they do illuminate the contacts between ancient cultures...

By M. S. F. Hood

The Heat Pipe

This new device can be several thousand times as effective in transporting heat as the best metals. It shows promise of being immediately useful in many areas of technology

By G. Yale Eastman

The Lunar Orbiter Missions to the Moon

Five spacecraft in lunar orbit photographed in detail the entire side of the moon facing the earth and almost all of the opposite side

By Donald D. Viele, Ellis Levin and Lowell B. Eldrenkamp

The Flight-Control System of the Locust

Groups of nerve cells controlling such activities as locomotion are regulated not only by simple reflex mechanisms but also by behavior patterns apparently coded genetically in the central nervous system...

By Donald M. Wilson


The theme of his career was the search for a universal language and algebra of reasoning. He perfected the calculus by establishing its fundamental notation, and he pointed the way toward symbolic logic...

By Frederick C. Kreiling

The Biochemistry of Copper

Like Iron, copper is indispensable to the life processes of most animals and plants. Its chemical nature notably allows it to play a key role in the function of proteins

By Earl Frieden

Territorial Marking by Rabbits

The wild rabbit of Australia lives in colonies from which the rabbits of other colonies are excluded. The rabbits mark their home territory by means of odorous substances that are secreted by specialized glands...

By Roman Mykytowycz


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