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Intensive Heart Care

In hospitals equipped with coronary care units the mortality rate from heart attacks has been reduced by about a third. Widespread application of the new therapies could save 60,000 lives a year...

By Bernard Lown

Radar Observations of the Planets

Echoes of high-frequency waves aimed at the planets from the earth provide a new test of the general theory of relativity and precise determinations of the anomalous spin rates of Mercury and Venus...

By Irwin I. Shapiro


What happens to human skin, its various types of cells and their molecular constituents when it receives an overdose of ultraviolet radiation?

By Brian E. Johnson, Farrington Daniels and Jan C. van der Leun

X-Ray Crystallography

The new knowledge of the atomic structure of matter uncovered over the past half-century by the X-ray-diffraction technique has led to a fundamental revision of ideas in many sciences

By Sir Lawrence Bragg

The Control of Plant Growth

The demonstration that the growth of plants can be turned on and off at will by treating them with the proper combination of promotive and inhibitory hormones suggests that this process also occurs in nature...

By Johannes van Overbeek

The Beginnings of Wheeled Transport

Mankind has traveled on wheels for at least 5,000.years. The recent discovery of ancient wagons at sites in the U.S.S.R. casts doubt on the accepted hypothesis that vehicles were invented in Mesopotamia...

By Stuart Piggott


Many chemical and physical reactions can be carried out by suspending a bed of solid particles in a stream of gas. The technique is widely used for the catalytic cracking of petroleum and much other technology...

By Bernard S. Lee and H. William Flood

Hidden Lives

Concealed at the surface of the ground, dwelling in conditions of maximum security, are a multitude of small invertebrate animals. Some may well retain the form in which life on land first appeared...

By Theodore H. Savory


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