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A Study of Ghetto Rioters

Why do Negroes riot? An analysis of surveys made after the major riots of 1967 in Detroit and Newark indicates that some of the most familiar hypotheses are incorrect

By Nathan S. Caplan and Jeffery M. Paige

High-Power Carbon Dioxide Lasers

Lasers in which the active medium consists of a low-pressure gas of carbon dioxide molecules have been used to produce the most powerful continuous laser beams achieved to date

By C. K. N. Patel

L-Asparagine and Leukemia

The cells of some leukemias need an outside supply of the amino acid L-asparagine. This means they are vulnerable to treatment with the enzyme L-asparaginase, which destroys the amino acid...

By Lloyd J. Old, Edward A. Boyse and H. A. Campbell

The Infrared Sky

A telescope with a 62-inch plastic mirror has provided the first comprehensive survey of the night sky at infrared wavelengths. It has revealed some of the coolest celestial objects yet detected...

By G. Neugebauer and Robert B. Leighton

Experiments in Water-Breathing

If the lung of an air-breathing animal (including man) is filled with the appropriate solution, the animal can obtain the oxygen necessary to sustain life. The procedure holds promise for medicine and diving...

By Johannes A. Kylstra

The Origins of the Olympic Games

Competitive sports had roots in religion, mythology and military training and were nurtured by the Greek passion for excellence. Many of today's events were accurately described in the Iliad...

By Raymond Bloch

Movements of the Eye

In which a special camera records where people look in the course of such activities as driving and looking at pictures. It appears that the eye fixes on many things of which the viewer is not aware...

By E. Llewellyn Thomas


Waiting in line is done not only by people but also by such things as freight cars, airplanes, telephone calls and computer routines. Mathematical analysis of queues suggests ways to shorten them...

By Martin A. Leibowitz


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