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These newest astronomical mystery objects emit radio pulses with a spacing so regular they could be used as clocks. They may be fuel-depleted stars that are pulsating or rotating

By Antony Hewish

Surgery for Coronary Disease

There are three main surgical approaches to coronary artery disease: (1) providing the heart muscle with an alternative supply of blood, (2) repairing the diseased artery and (3) repairing the damaged heart...

By Donald B. Effler

Chemical Accelerators

The nature of chemical reactions at all energies is opened to study by these new devices. They produce beams of molecules, atoms or ions that are made to react under precisely controlled conditions...

By Richard Wolfgang

The Synthesis of DNA

Test-tube synthesis of the double helix that controls heredity climaxes a half-century of effort by biochemists to re-create biologically active giant molecules outside the living cell

By Arthur Kornberg


Mechanization and containerization, with emphasis on facilitating the transfer of cargo between land vehicles, ships and airplanes, have become strong trends in both national and international trade...

By Roger H. Gilman

How Fast can Computers Add?

Computers today add at a rate of 10 million calculations per second and will soon add even faster. Mathematical analysis can now predict the best performance attainable by any computer, present or future...

By Shmuel Winograd

Air-breathing Fishes

Lack of oxygen in water forced certain Devonian fishes to develop air-breathing organs. Some left the water and colonized the land; descendants of others are today's remarkable air-breathing species...

By Kjell Johansen

Homo Monstrosus

For 2,000 years most educated men believed that remote areas were inhabited by monstrous races. It was only with the 19th century that it became clear that there was only one species of living men...

By Annemarie de Waal Malefijt


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