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The End of the Monkey War

The Fundamentalist crusade against the theory of evolution subsided soon after the Scopes trial of 1925, but it was only three months ago that the last antievolution law of any consequence was killed...

By L. Sprague de Camp

Ecological Chemistry

Certain insects feed on plants that make substances that are poisonous to vertebrates. Hence the insects are unpalatable to bird predators. These relations have surprising results

By Lincoln Pierson Brower

Organic Lasers

Complex organic-dye molecules have been induced to emit coherent laser light. The most remarkable feature of this new type of laser is that each can be tuned continuously over a range of wavelengths...

By Peter Sorokin

The Astrophysics of Cosmic Rays

These energetic particles have come to be regarded (along with the stars, planets, gas and dust and electromagnetic radiation) as one of the main Components of the universe

By V. L. Ginzburg

The Biochemistry of Anxiety

Patients with anxiety neurosis show an excessive rise in lactate, a normal metabolic product. A double-blind experiment has shown that anxiety symptoms and attacks can be induced by infusions of lactate...

By Ferris N. Pitts Jr.

Subsistence Herding in Uganda

The Karimojong drink the milk and blood of their cattle but rarely eat meat. Why do they not adopt the successful dairying and ranching practice of advanced nations? The answer is rooted in human ecology...

By Rada and Neville Dyson-Hudson

Rotary Engines

Several ingenious engines work with a rotary motion instead of the traditional reciprocating one. The aim is to combine the virtues of the reciprocating engine and the gas turbine

By Wallace Chinitz

The Golgi Apparatus

For years the function of this cell component was a mystery. Now radioautography has clarified its role as the primary site for the packaging of secretions and the synthesis of large carbohydrates...

By Marian Neutra and C. P. Leblond


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