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The Dynamics of the Arms Race

Recent decisions by the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. threaten to upset the stability of the present strategic military balance. The net result may be simply to decrease the security of both countries...

By George W. Rathjens

Hybrid Somatic Cells

Body cells of different species can now be crossed to form somatic hybrids. This alternative to sexual breeding should facilitate the study of human genetics and provide insights into differentiation...

By Boris Ephrussi and Mary C. Weiss

Eidetic Images

Certain individuals report that they briefly retain an almost photographic image of something they have seen. Experiments with children suggest that such images are a real phenomenon

By Ralph Norman Haber

The Synthetic Elements: IV

Three earlier articles in this magazine described the synthesis of elements through element 103. Recent investigations suggest the possibility of extending the list to element 114 and beyond...

By Glenn T. Seaborg and Justin L. Bloom

Stone Tools and Human Behavior

Statistical analysis of the implements found at Paleolithic sites can identify the groups of tools that were used for various kinds of jobs. These groupings suggest how early man's life was organized...

By Sally R. Binford and Lewis R. Binford

Soil Pollutants and Soil Animals

How is the ecological system of the small invertebrates that live in the soil (and play such a key role in its character) affected by the introduction of pesticides?

By Clive A. Edwards

Steam Turbines

These efficient machines are the principal means of converting the heat energy released by fossil and nuclear fuels into the kinetic energy needed to drive power generators and large ships...

By Walter Hossli

Horns and Antlers

They are commonly believed to be rather alike but in actuality they are quite different. Among other differences, the material of horns is related to skin and the material of antlers to bone...

By Walter Modell


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