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Hybrid Wheat

Many of the problems associated with hybridizing this important grain crop are being solved. The eventual introduction of hybrid wheat on a large scale will have a substantial economic and nutritional impact...

By Byrd C. Curtis and David R. Johnston

Relaxation Methods in Chemistry

By rapidly upsetting the equilibrium of a chemical reaction one can study the important mechanisms that operate in the interval between a thousandth and a billionth of a second

By Larry Faller

A Paleolithic Camp at Nice

Construction work on the French Riviera has uncovered the remains of man's earliest-known construction work: huts put up by hunters who visited the shore of the Mediterranean some 300,000 years ago...

By Henry de Lumley


Electronic typesetting systems capable of "painting" as many as 10,000 characters per second on the screen of a cathode ray tube promise to have a revolutionary effect on the printing industry...

By Gerard O. Walter

The Energetics of Bird Flight

The metabolism of gulls and parakeets is measured during ascending, descending and level flight in the wind tunnel. The results show how flying birds can husband their "fuel"

By Vance A. Tucker

Shock Waves in Solids

When an explosion or a projectile is directed against a solid, an intense wave of pressure and stress passes through it. Such waves can be used to study materials and also to process them...

By Richard C. Crewdson and Ronald K. Linde

The Bacterial Cell Wall

The tough, inflexible envelope that surrounds a bacterium is a single giant molecule made up of amino acid and sugar units. Its formation is blocked by drugs such as penicillin

By Nathan Sharon

Retinal Processing of Visual Images

Information is processed within the eye, and in some species it is processed to a remarkable extent. In frogs and ground squirrels the retina's integrative capacity rivals that of the cortex in primates...

By Charles R. Michael


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