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Systems Analysis of Urban Transportation

Computer models of cities suggest that in certain circumstances installing novel "personal transit" systems may already be more economic than building conventional systems such as subways...

By Dana K. Nance and William F. Hamilton

Neutrinos from the Sun

A giant trap has been set deep underground to catch a few of the neutrinos that theory predicts should be pouring out of the sun. Their capture would prove that the sun runs on thermonuclear power...

By John N. Bahcall

Porphyria and King George III

The British monarch at the time of the American Revolution is generally believed to have been insane. In the light of modern knowledge it seems that he suffered from a metabolic disease

By Ida Macalpine and Richard Hunter


The fluid made by the mammary gland is a remarkable blend of complex biological molecules. How the gland does its work is the subject of active investigation

By Stuart Patton

Liquid Metals

Their liquid properties can be adequately explained in terms of the classical kinetic theory of matter, but their metallic properties yield only to the insights of modern quantum theory

By N. W. Ashcroft

Computer Analysis of Protein Evolution

Amino acid sequences of similar proteins in different organisms contain information on relations among species. This information is analyzed to reconstruct in detail the history of living things...

By Margaret Oakley Dayhoff

High-Temperature Plastics

Many common plastics lose their shape at the boiling point of water. Ingenious chemical strategies can now provide such materials that survive at temperatures as high as 900 degrees C. ..

By A. H. Frazer

Urban Monkeys

In India rhesus monkeys have shared cities with man for centuries. Has this urban way of life affected their behavior and their ability to solve problems?

By Sheo Dan Singh


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