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Military Technology and National Security

The ABM debate is analyzed in the context of a larger dilemma: the futility of searching for technological solutions to what is essentially a political problem

By Herbert F. York

"Genetic Drift" in an Italian Population

Studies of blood-group frequencies and consanguineous marriages among the people of the Parma Valley indicate that this random change in hereditary type distinctly influences human evolution...

By Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza


With an electrolytic bath consisting of a hot molten fluoride, atoms of one metal can be made to diffuse deep into the surface of another. The result is a wide range of materials with new surface properties...

By Newell C. Cook

The Size and Shape of Atomic Nuclei

Some nuclei are spherical, some are ellipsoidal and some fluctuate in between. Measurements of radius and precise shape provide tools with which theoretical physicists can refine models of the nucleus...

By Michel Baranger and Raymond A. Sorensen

The Petroglyphs of Siberia

These rock drawings along Siberian rivers span a period of perhaps 20,000 years. They indicate connections among ancient peoples living as far apart as France and Japan

By A. P. Okladnikov


These proteins are the stuff of hair, feather, horn, claw, nail, quill, hoof, beak, scale and the outer layer of skin. Their intricate molecular architecture is being revealed

By R. D. B. Fraser

The Weddell Seal

This Antarctic mammal can swim under the ice for more than an hour without coming up for air. How is it able to find its way back to its breathing hole, particularly during the long Antarctic night?...

By Gerald L. Kooyman

Rudolf Diesel and his Rational Engine

The inventor of the Diesel engine hoped it would attain the ideal of the Carnot cycle for the heat engine. He failed, but today his engine provides most of the motive power for heavy transportation...

By Lynwood Bryant


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