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The Origin of the Oceans

In recent years it has become increasingly apparent that the floor of the deep ocean is remarkably young. It is growing outward from mid-ocean ridges, pushing most of the continents apart as it does...

By Sir Edward Bullard

The Atmosphere and the Ocean

The two are inextricably linked. The ocean's circulation is driven by wind and by density differences that largely depend on the air. The atmospheric heat engine, in turn, is largely driven by the sea...

By R. W. Stewart

The Continental Shelves

The shallow regions adjacent to the continents are equal in extent to 18 percent of the earth's total land area. They are alternately exposed and drowned as the continental glaciers advance and retreat...

By K. O. Emery

The Deep-Ocean Floor

The discovery that it is growing outward from the mid-ocean ridges has suggested that it is formed In huge plates that act as units in the dynamic processes of the earth's crust

By H. W. Menard

The Nature of Oceanic Life

The conditions of the marine environment have given rise to a food web in which the dominant primary production of organic matter is carried out by microscopic plants

By John D. Isaacs

The Physical Resources of the Ocean

They include not only the oil and minerals of the bottom and the minerals dissolved in seawater but also seawater itself and the shoreline carved by the action of the sea

By Edward Wenk

The Food Resources of the Ocean

The present harvest of the oceans is roughly 55 million tons a year, half of which is consumed directly and half converted into fish meal. A well-managed world fishery could yield more than 200 million tons...

By S. J. Holt

Technology and the Ocean

The materials, machines and techniques that can be employed in the ocean have advanced greatly during the past decade. Major developments include superships and deep-sea drilling

By Willard Bascom

The Ocean and Man

The increase of human activity in the sea presents deep problems of relations among nations. Who owns the resources of the sea, and how is the worldwide exploration of the sea to be organized?...

By Warren S. Wooster


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