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The Cost of World Armaments

A survey of 120 countries by the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency shows a continuing rise in military expenditures. The rate of increase is higher than it is for population and gross product...

By Archibald S. Alexander


They are the organelles that conduct the synthesis of proteins in the living cell. Their structure and functioning are studied by taking them apart and seeing how they reassemble themselves...

By Masayasu Nomura

Acoustical Holography

By "illuminating" an object with pure tones of sound instead of with a beam of coherent light one can create acoustical holograms that become three-dimensional pictures when viewed by laser light...

By Alexander F. Metherell
The Exploration of the Moon

The Exploration of the Moon

The successful mission of Apollo 11 opens an epoch of manned lunar exploration. What questions should this exploration seek to answer, and what areas of the moon should be visited to best confront them?...

By Wilmot Hess, Robert Kovach, Paul W. Gast and Gene Simmons

Brain Damage by Asphyxia at Birth

In both monkey and human infants handicaps that arise from such asphyxia seem to disappear with time. Experiments with monkeys, however, demonstrate that asphyxia permanently damages the brain...

By William F. Windle

Experiments in Time Reversal

With the presumed symmetry of charge and parity disproved, rigorous tests have been made of nature's indifference to which way time flows. No proof to the contrary has yet appeared but the hunt for it goes on...

By Oliver E. Overseth

The Physiology of the House Mouse

This small rodent, bred to desert conditions, has evolved efficient mechanisms for conserving water and energy that allow it to thrive as a commensal of man, living in his buildings and sharing his food...

By Daniel S. Fertig and Vaughan W. Edmonds

The Possessions of the Poor

The combined value of everything from ashtrays to underwear owned by 14 families in a Mexico City tenement came to an average of $338 per family. What does such material want reveal about poverty in general?...

By Oscar Lewis


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