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Acute Respiratory Failure

This crisis of life has come to be regarded as a distinct clinical entity. In respiratory intensive-care units it is now being treated by teams of specially' trained physicians and supporting personnel...

By Peter M. Winter and Edward Lowenstein

Amorphous-Semiconductor Switching

Solid-state devices that are glassy rather than crystalline can be employed to control the flow of electric current. They are not yet in commercial use but are under intense study all over the world...

By H. K. Henisch

Early Man in the West Indies

Until recently it seemed that the islands of the Caribbean were uninhabited up to about the time of Christ. Now it appears that men may have arrived 5,000 years earlier. How did they get there?...

By José M. Cruxent and Irving Rouse

Magnetic Recording

The storage of information in magnetic particles is an integral part of communication and data processing. The demands of different kinds of information have given rise to variations on the basic theme...

By Victor E. Ragosine

Non-Euclidean Geometry Before Euclid

Certain works of Aristotle, written 2,000 years before the advent of non-Euclidean geometry, contain references to the possibility of a non-Euclidean approach to the famous problem of parallels...

By Imre Tóth

The Origin of the Oceanic Ridges

Current models of sea-floor spreading and continental drift imply convection in the earth's mantle as the driving mechanism. Critical analysis of this assumption leads to an alternative explanation...

By Egon Orowan

The Receptor Site for a Bacterial Virus

A virus infects a bacterium by attaching itself to a specific site on the bacterium's surface. The chemistry of such a site is studied by seeing how it changes after dormant infection by the same virus...

By Phillips W. Robbins and Richard Losick

How Birds Sing

The mechanism of bird song has traditionally been compared to either a wind musical instrument or the human vocal apparatus. The analysis of the bird songs themselves points toward an entirely different system...

By Crawford H. Greenewalt


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