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The Limitation of Strategic Arms

The long-term prospects for the strategic-arms-limitation talks would be greatly enhanced by an early agreement to ban further tests of multiple independently targeted reentry vehicles (MIRV's)...

By G. W. Rathjens and G. B. Kistiakowsky

Learning in the Autonomic Nervous System

It has long been assumed that body functions such as heartbeat and intestinal contraction were involuntary and could not be influenced by learning. Recent experiments indicate that this is not the case...

By Leo V. DiCara

Aerodynamic Whistles

They are represented not only by policemen's whistles and flutes; they can also be found in oil burners and in rocket engines. Their frequency and intensity are governed by three feedback mechanisms...

By Robert C. Chanaud

The Shapes of Organic Molecules

The new Nobel prize in chemistry was given to men who showed that certain molecules can assume different shapes simply by rotations around single bonds. Such differences influence chemical reactivity...

By Joseph B. Lambert


This extinct ape was the largest primate that ever lived. First discovered as a fossil tooth in China, it is now represented by four massive jawbones, one of which was recently found in India...

By Elwyn L. Simons and Peter C. Ettel

The Recognition of DNA in Bacteria

Some bacteria have enzyme systems that scan invading DNA molecules injected by viruses and break them unless they are chemically marked at specific recognition sites

By Salvador E. Luria

The People of York: 1538-1812

The parish registers of three centuries in this English city record changes in such averaged features of human populations as age at death, age at marriage and the season of conception

By Ursula M. Cowgill

Models of Oceanic Circulation

Analysis of the ocean's response to the forces that move its waters is aided by small models that isolate major features of the physics of the ocean currents. One such model has given encouraging results...

By D. James Baker


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