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Chemical and Biological Weapons

Chemical and Biological Weapons

The U. S. has renounced all forms of biological weapons and the first use of most chemical weapons. The issue of whether or not to include irritant gases and antiplant agents in the prohibition remains open...

By Matthew S. Meselson

The Surface of Mars

The remarkable pictures taken by Mariners 6 and 7 reveal a planet with features unlike those seen on the moon and also unlike those on the earth, including a polar cap evidently composed of dry ice...

By Robert B. Leighton

The Calefaction of a River

Calefaction means warming, and the industrial warming of rivers and other waters is a cause of concern. A study of the warming of the lower Connecticut River, however, reveals no drastic effects...

By Daniel Merriman


The demands of modern agriculture and industry have increased consumption of the element fortyfold since 1900. It comes from many sources, and some 87 percent of it goes to sulfuric acid...

By Christopher J. Pratt

Intercellular Communication

The cells of living tissue act in concert in various ways. A newly observed pathway may allow signal molecules to travel from one cell interior to the next through special junctions in the cell membrane...

By Werner R. Loewenstein

"Second Sound" in Solid Helium

Until recently thermal waves analogous to "first sound", or ordinary acoustic waves, were thought to exist only in liquid helium. They have now been detected in solid helium and may occur in other substances...

By David J. Sandiford and Bernard Bertman

How we Remember what we see

It depends on whether what we see is pictorial (scenes, photographs and so forth) or linguistic (words, numbers and so on). Experiments indicate that the linguistic memory is different from the pictorial...

By Ralph Norman Haber

Early Views on Forces between Atoms

Greek philosophers first conceived an atomic theory of matter and scientists after the Renaissance speculated on interatomic forces. More detailed theories awaited 19th-century experimental results...

By Leslie Holliday


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